I specialize in writing services for professionals in the accounting & finance industry, including CPA's, accountants, bookkeepers,  financial planners, tax preparers and small business owners who do their own accounting. Although I do a great deal of ghostwriting, samples of some of my published work for accounting and finance professionals can be found here.

Whether I'm writing an article, a blog post, a grant proposal or a business plan, substantial research is performed as necessary. It is needed to confirm and verify claims made.

However, when performing research, including, statistics, fact-checking or otherwise, it can be very time-consuming and takes time away from the overall project deadline. As a result, I now offer research services to those who want to spend more time writing and less time on research. A sample of some of my research can be found here.

I never dreamed that I'd ever be performing design services. But eversince I was responsible for preparing business plans, sponsorship decks, grants and other proposals, I assumed the role of the page lay out designer.   As I began to work on projects with larger project budgets, the demand for this role increased. I was told that the cover page needed to pop and stand out more to attract funders.  It needed to be a reflection of the amount being requested, which was often in the millions of dollars. 

I've watched the look and feel of the cover pages and the overall page layout design improve over the years - the improvements were drastic since I first began preparing cover pages and page layout design work. I'm now offering this service to others a well. Samples of the design work for cover pages and other designs can be found here.